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Zero waste, upcycling, recycling & composting: how to incorporate them into your lifestyle

For us surfers, preserving nature is especially close to our hearts: After all, as surfers we depend on the environment and especially its marine habitats. Zero waste, recycling, upcycling and composting are now part of everyday life. It's not always easy to live sustainably, but with our guide we want to help you find out how you can easily integrate these things into your lifestyle.


Top 7 Stand-up Paddling (SUP) Places Around Munich That You Cannot Miss

Stand-up paddling has long been considered a trendy sport, therefore we have summarised the 7 best spots around Munich for your next SUP adventure.

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Eisbach Riders teams up with arive

Eisbach Riders cooperates with arive. This offers delivery of Eisbach riders products in under 30 minutes within Munich

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Product Insights - Van der Waal Surfboard Traction Pads

We interviewed Martim Dornellas the founder and owner of the Portugues brand Van der Waal which produces clear surfboard traction pads here in Europe.

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Climate Change Guide for Surfers, How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

As climate change becomes an increasingly serious threat, figuring out how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and not knowing how to reduce your carbon footprint becomes a problem for many.

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