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A Guide to Becoming a Sustainable Surfer

As a surfer, you spend so much time in the ocean environment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the waters are taken care of and the aquatic environment in general. It is okay for surfers to argue that they don’t pollute the ocean environment; however, surfing affects the ocean many times without the surfers even noticing. There’s more to surfing than just catching the perfect set of waves. 

The surf industry has become a threat to the ocean because of the unsafe materials and toxins used to make the equipment used in surfing. While traveling in the sea, a lot of fossil fuel is burned and deposited in the ocean, which is a cause of pollution. It is important to take care of the environment at sea as enthusiastically as we do on dry land. 

Most surfers have contributed to the pollution of the sea unknowingly. Therefore, this article will help you understand some of the ways that will put you in a unique position to keep the sea natural and free of pollution. The good thing is that these ways will not interfere with your joy of getting in the sea and surfing through the waves.

Look Out For Sustainable Equipment

It is not just about having the necessary equipment but getting sustainable products that make enhanced and eco-friendlier products for sustainable surfing. When getting equipment such as surfboards, surf clothing, and anything else, it is important to check out the reputable brands that adhere to the right standards required to avoid sea pollution. 

You can do your research to develop some of the best brands available in the market. The Eco board movement was formed to allow manufacturers to make sustainable surfboards that work just as well under your feet, giving you a beautiful surfing experience, such as the Munich-based brand Wau Surfboards. Some brands use basalt stringers and hemp cloth to lower the footprint of surfboards and make them more friendly. Algae has been used to make surfing pads; wetsuits are made from limestone, and surfing clothing is made from organically grown materials. These are some trends in sustainable equipment development for an eco-friendly environment. 

This doesn’t have to be immediate action; take baby steps. When replacing your equipment or purchasing a new one, it’s essential to purchase from brands committed to producing sustainable surfing products, such as WAX Z’AM, Wau Surfboards or Eisbach Riders. These sustainable products perform just as well, if not better, so it’s wise to be part of the sustainable surf movement.

Minimize Surf Travel

As much as this may sound very ironic, it is one of the ways to reduce the risk of polluting the sea. Making several trips a year to surf in other regions leads to the emission of harmful gases, heat, noise, and other particles from flying that lead to climatic effects and changes. You don’t have to give up traveling completely but limiting the surf trips overseas and covering shorter distances within one’s reach helps lessen the carbon footprint that would have otherwise been caused.

Reduce Your Dependence On The Use Of Plastics

Studies have proved that many plastics have been deposited in the ocean, and it is predicted that by the year 2050, more plastic than fish will be found in the ocean. Plastic is hazardous both in the water and out of it. Plastic has injured and killed sea birds, marine mammals and fish in the water. Many sea species are in danger and have been affected through ingestion, suffocation, infection, entanglement, starvation, and drowning. It is insane to think about how much plastic is deposited into the ocean daily and how this affects it. 

As a surfer, it is important to reduce your dependence on plastic by using reusable bags, reusable water bottles and coffee mugs and stop using plastic coffee straws. To become a sustainable surfer, it is essential to reduce or eradicate the use of plastic in your life because that way, you will not become a threat to the ocean.

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

The surfboard manufacturing industry, just like most manufacturing industries, leaves behind carbon footprints from the petrol used to manufacture some of the materials, such as foam in the case of surfboards. In this case, as a surfer, it is important to promote sustainable farming by prolonging the life of your surfboard and other necessary equipment. 

You don’t have to change or update your equipment constantly. Use your current until it dies, for instance, the surfboard. Once it can no longer surf, you can sell or donate it to someone who can reuse it for repair projects or something in that line. Avoid disposing of it just anyhow. It’s good to do whatever you can to have it away from landfills. 

You can also buy a used surfboard, which is a better option for surfers because this prolongs the life of a built surfboard, preventing unnecessary disposal. Used or second-hand surfboards are equally effective and save the high costs and stress of choosing different options regarding size, shape and the designs of brand new ones. The torn wetsuits can also be easily repaired using neoprene cement or aqua seal, extending the life of your suit.

Start Your Own Sustainable Surf Movement

You don’t have to wait until you join a movement to make a change; you can do so much more on your own. Lead by actions, and that way, more people will be drawn to you, and thus an impact is made. Call out someone who throws trash by or in the ocean, pick up waste left behind and dispose of it appropriately. Start a local clean-up session at the beach. 

Be the facilitator of change within your surf community in your locality. Through such devotion and leadership, you can highly impact the larger surf movement and aid in making positive change for the best. The sea, together with all its species like the outstanding variety of shells and water animals, remain safe and free from pollution.

The ocean is a beautiful place that benefits a bigger percentage of humanity. Therefore, it is the responsibility of humanity to give back to the ocean by maintaining it clean all through and avoiding water pollution. It is the joy of every surfer to enjoy a beautifully clean sea environment when surfing, which should be maintained.

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